Go Beyond Seasonal Work with the Submarine Industrial Base

Two men stand, one operating and one observing a piece of manufacturing equipment.

The U.S. Navy is on a critical mission to build the country’s next-generation submarines, an effort that will require the dedication of more than 100,000 additional workers. This employment opportunity is a robust alternative to part-time seasonal work and you can join without trade experience. A career with the Submarine Industrial Base (SIB) offers:

  • Training opportunities
  • Competitive pay
  • Benefits
  • Stable, year-round employment

We not only build the monumental machines that will become the U.S. Navy’s next-gen submarines, but we also develop the people, like you, who will build them. Learn a manufacturing skill, develop a trade, and join our team.

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Looking for an Alternative to Part-Time Seasonal Work?

Whether you’re considering offering retail, warehouse, or delivery services, or serving at a local restaurant hourly or part-time, we encourage you to consider an alternative to seasonal employment. This tremendous opportunity to work with the SIB could positively change your trajectory and offer a fulfilling, stable, long-term career.

As opposed to pursuing hourly or seasonal work, you can embark on an exciting journey where you learn powerful manufacturing skills and earn competitive pay and benefits.

Build a career with longevity. Build a prestigious reputation. Build giants while becoming one.

“I have a real passion for it. It just happens that I can provide a life for myself and my family. It’s nice to think about going forward, what technologies are out there and what processes I can help improve. Not necessarily to leave my mark on it, but to help us all out as a whole.” -Welder in Groton, CT
Two men, one wearing a blue helmet, stand in a room looking at a pipe. A large window behind them sends light into the space.
A woman wearing protective welding gear, including a mask, smiles while standing in her work space. A man wear similar protective gear is behind her.
A man standing in a room with manufacturing equipment turns a knob on one of those pieces, which also has numerous buttons and a monitor.

The SIB Offers the Opportunity to Build a Long-Term Career

With the Submarine Industrial Base, you can launch a career in a variety of fields, such as additive manufacturing, CNC machining, metrology, welding, and non-destructive testing. These opportunities are available whether you are entry-level, skilled in your profession, or a transitioning military service member/veteran. Wherever you are in your career, you can develop manufacturing skills and build an impactful career while doing something big for your country. Go beyond seasonal employment and join a long-term mission that matters.

Find Available Jobs Near You

We have thousands of job opportunities available across the country where you can build the parts for U.S. Navy submarines close to home. You can also set up job alerts to stay informed about new job opportunities that meet your preference. Start something new and grow into something much bigger than a job. Build a meaningful career.

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