Play a critical role in ensuring the safety of our Naval submarine fleets by utilizing the latest in quality control inspection technologies to assess the quality and accuracy of the next generation of military submarines.

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What is metrology?

Metrology, also known as quality control inspection, is the science of employing precise measurement techniques and instruments to determine the accuracy and reliability of a component.

Given the high sensitivity and regulatory demands of submarine parts, metrology serves as a vital safeguard, guaranteeing the integrity of all submarine components, and offers numerous benefits:

Providing quality assurance

It helps ensure that the components and subsystems meet the required specifications and standards, reducing the likelihood of defects or failures.

Calibrating instruments

It is essential for accurately calibrating the various instruments and sensors used that are vital for maintaining safe and efficient submarine operations.

Performing dimensional measurements

It is used to perform precise measurements of critical components such as hull sections, propeller blades, and sonar arrays, ensuring that the parts fit together correctly during assembly.

Ensuring geometric alignment

Techniques, like coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), are used to ensure that complex structures are correctly measured, positioned, and aligned for optimal performance and safety.

Inspecting surfaces

Certain techniques are used to inspect the surface quality of critical components and can detect defects or imperfections on sonar domes, propellers, and other hydrodynamic surfaces.

Verifying proper assembly

It ensures the accurate assembly, alignment, and installation of subsystems and modules such as propulsion, navigation, weapons, and life support.

A female craftsperson in safety gear working on a machine.
Two craftsmen wearing safety gear working on a machine.
A craftsman standing holding his hardhat under his arm.
A female craftsperson in safety gear working on a machine.

A well-calibrated career

As a metrologist in the Submarine Industrial Base, you'll play a crucial role throughout the entire manufacturing process, helping prevent errors that could potentially determine the fate of our Naval submarine fleets.

Imagine this scenario: In the midst of a colossal storm, a Naval submarine battles the waves of rough seas. The powerful currents and turbulent environment present an immense challenge for maneuvering the vessel. However, thanks to your meticulously calibrated communications systems, the crew manages to establish effective and secure communication with their command. This enables them to seek assistance and navigate through the treacherous waters, ensuring their safe passage.

Your career will be instrumental in safeguarding those who dedicate their lives to our nation's security.


Quality control is unique and different from things like welding or machining because we're not making the parts, we are checking them to make sure that they were made correctly so that we can help the other processes do better.”

Metrology Instructor, ATDM

Is metrology right for you?

Do you want a career where you can leverage your exceptional analytical skills and experience with cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety and success of Naval submarine missions?

Metrology could be the perfect opportunity for you.

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Safeguard our Naval fleets

Leave no room for error

Prove that perfection can be achieved

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Put your skills to the ultimate use

You are a seasoned precision pro. You view objects through the lens of GD&T and you know that a tape measure pales in comparison to a CMM.

Whether you spend your days carefully calibrating medical devices, assessing the efficacy of power generators, or completing dimensional analyses on skyscrapers, you have the analytical talent and skill set that can get you started in a career in submarine manufacturing. Explore how you can leverage your skills into a career in the Submarine Industrial Base.

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