The Mission

Thousands of new roles.
Fifty states.
One mission.

The Navy is on a once-in-a-generation journey to completely transform its nuclear-powered submarine fleet and maintain its critical undersea advantage.

However, this military mandate will require the addition of more than 100,000 skilled workers with the training and commitment to ensure success.

And there's not a moment to spare.

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What makes a next-generation submarine?

They are the largest and most technologically advanced subs the U.S. Navy has ever put to sea. Nuclear powered, with the endurance to run without refueling for over 40 years. Range? Unlimited. These are truly futuristic marvels of design and engineering that will launch our military technology decades into the future.

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5 Reasons Submarines Are Critical to Protecting Our Nation

A partially submerged submarine with workers standing on top and a helicopter flying overhead.

Attack Submarines – SSN

A closeup of ocean water.

The Navy, Manufacturing, and National Security

An aerial view of ships in the ocean.

We need to grow our workforce by 100,000 to meet our objective

The magnitude of this mission involves the collaboration of thousands of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of hands, united to construct this modern fleet.

No ordinary assembly line exists to piece together these giants. This is a meticulous process, guided by visionaries and craftspeople who design, calibrate, inspect, assemble, and test every inch of these extraordinary vessels.

And at this moment, we need more.

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A nationwide network of opportunities

15K+ Suppliers

Where the parts are made

From the small business in Louisiana that conducts non-destructive testing to inspect the strength and safety of submarine parts to the world-class manufacturer in Alabama that develops advanced propulsion systems, and many contributors in between, this vast network of more than 15,000 suppliers works simultaneously to design, create, and inspect each vital submarine component. 

2 Shipbuilders

Where it all comes together

General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton, CT, and Huntington Ingalls Industries in Newport News, VA, are the two primary shipyards where the components are united to bring these incredible vessels to life. Every aspect of the submarine, from its components to its body, is meticulously assembled and rigorously tested, ensuring the safety and success of our Naval crews.

We are on an unprecedented recruitment mission to discover, connect, and employ the most exceptional and promising talent with our network of more than 15,000 suppliers to bridge this widening gap.

If you possess an innate interest to build, crave the camaraderie of working alongside like-minded individuals striving toward a larger goal, and seek ways to blend traditional skills with cutting-edge technology, this is your chance.

We need you to move our mission forward


A chance to say, “I built that.”

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