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Make a smooth transition from service member to civilian with an equally impactful career in the Submarine Industrial Base. Here, you will find purpose-driven work, employers who value and utilize your military experience, and opportunities to leverage your skills. Whether you specialize in welding watertight hulls, calibrating intricate sonars, printing prototypes, or any number of roles available, your work will have a profound impact that extends beyond yourself.

Join a new team united by a common purpose and help forge the next generation of Naval submarines.

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Why should you consider a career in submarine manufacturing?

As you transition from military life, a career in submarine manufacturing offers a seamless progression into vitally important work that you simply won’t find in a traditional civilian desk job. Benefits include:

A stable civilian career

Support yourself and be present for your loved ones by relying on the financial stability provided by the submarine manufacturing industry.

Skill utilization

Apply the technical skills you have acquired during your military service to contribute to the manufacturing of military submarines.

Growth opportunities

Embrace the chance to acquire new skills and knowledge, staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving landscape of cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

Pride and purpose

Experience the satisfaction of knowing that your work as a civilian will do more than boost profits and hit quotas — it will directly contribute to the ongoing mission of ensuring the security of our country.

Community and camaraderie

Continue to work in a supportive environment that values teamwork, cooperation, and the strong bonds forged among like-minded individuals.

Continued service

Honor your commitment to safeguarding our nation by helping construct the ultimate military machinery.

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Learn the new skills you need in weeks—not years

No experience with submarine manufacturing? No problem. The Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing (ATDM) Program is designed to teach you the skills you need in just four short months. You’ll graduate with industry-recognized certifications, ready to start building submarines.

Let’s build a bridge to your next career

Looking to connect with someone who understands your military background? NextOp specializes in working with enlisted veterans and military members, linking them to exciting career opportunities. Their mission is to ensure a seamless transition for enlisted veterans into meaningful roles.


I served in the Navy. I joined in 2006 and served eight years as a machinist…I chose additive manufacturing because I love the idea of building a 3D printed model.”

Additive Manufacturer, ATDM

All your career questions, answered

Finding meaningful employment after completing service can be challenging. However, rest assured that we have the answers to your most pressing questions.

Is transitioning from a military background to submarine manufacturing difficult?

The transition can actually be quite smooth, as your experience in the military often directly aligns with the tasks and processes involved in submarine manufacturing.

Do I need to have a certain degree or level of education to find a job?

While certain positions may require specific degrees or certifications, there are entry-level opportunities available in almost every career field.

What if I have no manufacturing experience or skills?

The good news is that many available positions provide on-the-job training and mentorship from experienced colleagues. We can also connect you with the Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing program to be rigorously trained in the skills needed to repair, upfit, and build submarines.

What training programs are available if I want to acquire some skills before applying?

There are numerous training programs available to help you acquire any necessary skills, including the Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing program. You may choose to receive more information about training programs on your application.

Do many military veterans work in the Submarine Industrial Base?

Absolutely. Many military veterans have chosen to transition from their service to a career in submarine manufacturing so you'll be in excellent company.

Do I have to reside on a Naval base to work on submarine construction?

Not at all. Companies are hiring manufacturers in all 50 states, so you can do impactful work while being present for your loved ones.

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