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Imagine being part of a team that transforms raw materials into powerful military marvels — U.S. Naval submarines. A career in the Submarine Industrial Base offers the opportunity to take your skills to a whole new level and work shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the world’s best visionaries and craftspeople to help craft vessels that contribute to the security and safety of our nation.

You've spent years honing and developing your skills. Now apply those skills to help us develop the next generation of submarines.

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Why should you consider a career in submarine manufacturing?

Why climb the corporate ladder when you can dive into a greater endeavor? A career in submarine manufacturing offers a host of rewards and benefits that you won’t find in your standard 9-to-5.

Job security and stability

The submarine manufacturing industry boasts a high demand for skilled professionals nationwide and offers competitive pay that will allow you to support yourself and your loved ones.

Continuous innovation

You’ll be immersed in the latest manufacturing technology, ranging from state-of-the-art 3D printing to advanced electromagnetic testing — tools you won’t find in your office supply room.

Fulfilling challenges

Experience the satisfaction of solving the most daunting problems within your field, while becoming vital to the future of manufacturing technology.

Pride and purpose

Vying for the corner office just can't compare with the feeling that comes from knowing your work serves the greater purpose of ensuring the security of our nation.

A community of camaraderie

Work side-by-side with fellow seasoned craftspeople who are all united by the shared goal of building a formidable fleet of military submarines.

Constant learning and growth opportunities

You will have the chance to constantly evolve your skills and mastery of new technologies throughout your career.

A craftsman working on a machine.

We all want to have the opportunity to take on new responsibility whether it’s to grow technically or proficient in a trade. To become the expert at something, maybe even the world’s leading expert at a particular science or technology.”

Matt O.
Vice President Design and Engineering, General Dynamics Electric Boat

I have a real passion for it. It just happens that I can provide a life for myself and my family. It’s nice to think about going forward, what technologies are out there, and what processes I can help improve. Not necessarily to leave my mark on it, but to help us all out as a whole.”

Welder, General Dynamics Electric Boat
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All your career questions, answered

You probably have a lot of questions about transitioning from a traditional career to one where you'll be building for the Navy. Rest assured, we have the answers to the most pressing questions we've heard, along with information that shows how you can leverage your skills for a career in the Submarine Industrial Base.

Is military service or prior military experience required for working on submarine construction?

No. You do not need prior military experience to apply for a job in the Submarine Industrial Base.

Will I have to reside on or near a Naval base to work on submarine construction?

Not at all. Companies are hiring manufacturers in all 50 states, so you can find employment without living on a Naval base.

Will my past work experience be relevant even if it was in a completely different industry?

Absolutely! The Submarine Industrial Base is constantly seeking skilled professionals from all kinds of industries and backgrounds.

Will I have opportunities to mentor others?

Certainly! You will have ample chances to share your wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise with the next generation of manufacturers and engineers.

Building submarines sounds like a monumental task that may limit my time with family. What is the work-life balance like?

Submarine manufacturing offers the benefits of a standard manufacturing job without the monotony of a daily routine. Our nationwide suppliers provide flexible employment options that allow you to pursue your interests while also being present for your loved ones.

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