It takes millions of hands to build a giant

We need your help to continue building these unrivaled vessels — U.S. Naval submarines. So join us and embark on a journey of camaraderie and boundless human ingenuity.

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A testament to the countless people who help create them

The men and women who build U.S. Naval submarines hail from Virginia, Florida, California, Alaska, and all throughout this country. Visionaries shape its sleek hull, artisans meticulously craft its intricate machinery, and inspectors ensure its unwavering strength. Its creation exemplifies the unity of purpose and steadfast commitment and reminds us that everyone has a meaningful role in this grand endeavor.

We need craftspeople with all levels of experience

A wide range of opportunities is available to people with varying levels of talent and experience. There are roles for the novice exploring and researching new career paths. Roles for the service members who defended our nation and are looking for a way to continue to serve. And roles for the machinery masters looking to turn everyday materials into the ultimate technological marvel.

Entry Level

Whether you're fresh out of school, a beginner in the field, or possess basic skills, there are numerous careers and training programs available for you to get started in submarine manufacturing.

Transitioning Veterans

The Submarine Industrial Base offers many job opportunities that give you the chance to continue serving the nation while building a stable civilian career.

Skilled Professionals

If you’re a seasoned craftsperson with years of expertise there are countless positions for you to leverage your current skill set and transition into a career in submarine manufacturing.

A closeup of a welder welding.
A closeup of a machinist working on a machine.
A closeup of a person's hand using a submarine quality control tool to inspect a component.
Portrait of a welder standing inside the body of a submarine being constructed.
A closeup of a machinist working on a machine.

There are more ways to move our mission forward

In addition to the highly in-demand roles, we are seeking to fill plenty of other positions that play an integral part in our pursuit of constructing a fleet of next-generation submarines.

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Document Controller


Environmental Health & Safety Officer

Forklift Driver

Heavy Equipment Operators

HR Manager

IT Specialist

Legal Consultant



Maintenance Jobs

Marine Biologist

Mechanical Engineering


Procurement Manager

PR Specialist

Quality Assurance

Risk Analyst

Simulator Operator

Technical Writer

Training & Development Specialist

Interested in starting a career in maritime manufacturing but not sure where to begin?

Kickstart your career in maritime manufacturing with a range of training programs designed to equip you with the skills you need for success. Choose from a variety of training opportunities, including the Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing (ATDM) program, which can help you earn industry-recognized certifications in 
just four months.

Lend your talents and help us build this incredible fleet

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